Your Speech-to-Text all in Cloud

Transcription solutions for your data. So how does it work?

  1. Sign in and upload a media file or enter a URL.
  2. Select the desired technology from speech to text, voice activity detection, speaker segmentation or text to audio alignment. You are notified by email when the automatic processing is done.
  3. Download or check the result in our online transcription editor. You can edit the transcription yourself or buy a human transcription if you are not satisfied with the automatic transcript quality.

Supported languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak

Who and how benefits from SpokenData?


  • Let the automatic speech-to-text technology transcribe your data.
  • Or transcribe your data yourself or buy professional transcript.
  • Use our on-line time synchonous editor to surf your data and transcripts.
  • Download transcripts in many formats.
  • Suitable for: students, journalists, doctors, lecturers, freelancers, ...


Register and Transcribe data for FREE


  • Manage your team of transcribers using tags and categories.
  • Help them with transcription by automatic voice-to-text technology.
  • Integrate SpokenData into your application via our REST API.
  • We adapt the voice-to-text on your data domain to maximize the transcript accuracy and lower your labor costs.
  • Suitable for: small teams of professional transcribers, academy/business projects, ...


Register and Transcribe data for FREE


  • Enable speech technologies in your applications through integrating SpokenData using our REST API.
  • We are ready to process huge amounts of your data.
  • You get API fitting your needs. Just contact our support team.
  • We customize the voice-to-text on your data and purpose to maximize the transcript accuracy.
  • Suitable for: web/mobile app developers, media monitoring agencies, audio/video archive business.


Register and Transcribe data for FREE