Our API allows developers to integrate SpokenData into desktop, mobile or web applications. After signing-in, you are provided with a list of API calls including live examples. As an example, SpokenData API enables you to add a new audio/video file to your account and directly download its speech transcription in various formats such as XML, SRT, TXT or plain text.

API function nameDescription
userreturns user data
categoryListreturns all user categories
annotatorListreturns all user annotators
recordingListreturns all user recordings
The following API functions returns data of one recording defined by RECORDING-ID (a number)
recording/RECORDING-IDreturns recording data
recording/RECORDING-ID/subtitles.htmlreturns recording subtitles in HTML
recording/RECORDING-ID/subtitles.srtreturns recording subtitles in SRT
recording/RECORDING-ID/subtitles.trsreturns recording subtitles in TRS
recording/RECORDING-ID/subtitles.txtreturns recording subtitles in TXT
recording/RECORDING-ID/subtitles.webvttreturns recording subtitles in WebVTT
recording/RECORDING-ID/subtitles.xmlreturns recording subtitles in XML
To add a new recording to your SpokenData account, pass an encoded recording url and language
recording/add?url=...&language=...adds and returns data of a new recording
To add a new recording to your SpokenData account, you can also upload the file using the HTTP PUT method. You need to enter the filename and language.
recording/put?filename=...&language=...adds (uploads the file) and returns data of a new recording
To assign an annotator to a recording, pass recording ID and annotator ID
assignAnnotator?recordingId=...&annotatorId=...returns a status message
To delete a recording, pass recording ID
recording/RECORDING-ID/deletereturns a status message
To search in subtitles
search?q=...returns a list of recordings and their captions matching the search query